Scandinavia is beautiful and especially in the winter! Read below the top 5 places to visit in Scandinavia during the winter.

Bergen, Norway.

Have you ever seen a postcard of a classic Norwegian city waterfront? It’s something akin to the pallet of a vibrant painter, each building somehow complimenting the next while adding it’s very own flavor. That’s Bergen. The little story in the mountains has a chic gondola teleporting you and the fam up the mountain for an incredible view, unparalleled Swedish cuisine, or perhaps it’s the beginning of your fjord cruise. Be sure to check out some of the incredible seafood, starting with world renowned “Lyseverket”.


Santa Claus Village, Finland.

If he makes the trek to all of us every year, it’s only fair we go to him, once, a lifetime, because this merry attraction is in Rovaniemi. A place not know for it’s…anything, or anyone, apart from the jolly man himself, Santa. While there visit the local Arktikum Science Museum for a leading experience in how the arctic deals with climate change, from the experts themselves.

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Geilo, Norway.

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding or tumbling down the hill Geilo has what you’re looking for. It’s the best power I’ve ever experienced and a wide range of slopes and manageable lifts. Most hotels lay close to the slopes and the town itself isn’t as isolated as most ski destinations in Norway. Geilo will provide you and your partner, or the entire family with options to please all, whether they hit the slopes or not. Geilo does have a summer scene as well with both rafting and downhill mountain biking, but the winter is just too superior to not take the cake.


Tromso, Norway.

Scandinavia is known for quite a few things when you get into it, modern furniture design, eco friendly everything, architecture, toys and freight to name a few. Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) however; are up there with the best of them. Tromso in Norway is generally considered the spot to see them, and features somewhere in most nature photographers portfolios. It’s breath taking, and reminds you – as the ocean can – we are just here, it doesn’t belong to us. It can be some of the best therapy, and of the variety we often seek from our trips. (For Northern Lights also consider the town of Alta).


Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland.

This is exactly what it sounds like; winter all around you. Immerse yourself in the ice, spend nights sleeping on it, eating off of it and embalming your every moment in ice. If winter is your jam, consider the Icehotel your peanut butter. A rare combo to love, but among those who do, it’s a real hit. The local community and sculptures from all around the world come together and build the hotel every winter, by borrowing the ice from nearby Thorne river, to which the ice melts and returns to at winters end. If once in a lifetime experiences rank on your bucket list, this ought to be one!


Scandinavia, is a marvelous place to spend a few weeks traveling around, and traveling around is exactly what you’ll be doing. Be driving happy and nothing can stop you. A place unlike any other, between the nations, there truly is something life changing for everyone.  

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