On a recent press trip to Curacao we got a choice to stay at a 5 star resort and 4 star Sunscape resort.IMG-20130216-00354_1


The reason we chose for Sunscape was their big kidsclub, as I brought my daughter.IMG_7496_1

At most hotels we always get told to be very quiet, and you are on your toes to keep the child silent.. not very child friendly, and just adds stress.

IMG_7478_1At Sunscape they were very welcoming, and made sure that the kids had an amazing time so you could guiltfree have dinner alone, or lay on the beach a few hours without yelling at your kids for walking away.IMG_7477_1

Any parent can agree with me, that a little guilt free rest makes up for a year of running and being a great parent.

IMG_7476_1On top of that Sunscape has 5 restaurants, providing you with almost anything you like all day long. Seafood, fresh fruits, Japanese, Caribbean, Grill, BBQ you name it and it was there. With a great service or buffet.IMG_7475_1

We were all a huge fan of the pool bar, ordering drinks while standing in the pool just gives it that little extra. Did I mention you can order drinks all day long whatever you want?IMG_7474_1

Their entertainment included fishing, sailing, diving, dancing and trips. The beaches are stunning and clean, and you can get free snorkeling equipment


They have several pools, from baby to deep. The rooms are cleaned daily, and are fresh with big beds. Sunscape is an all inclusive hotel, close to the center of Willemstad.


We give it both thumbs up, and will certainly go back for a stress free vacation.IMG_7472_1




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