So your kid wants a new design all over. The baby wallpaper is boring, and they kind of prefer all black walls at the moment. Since we all know its temporary, you might want to consider wall murals, canvas paintings or even stickers that come off.

So, there you are. The kids been screaming at you, because their room is BORING! If they are anything like mine, Instagram and is all they care about at the moment, so whatever you say is never going to work.

Wall murals and stickers

If anything I am not about to repaint the whole room, just so we can change it for the crush in 3 weeks. Right now her biggest idol is Jacob Satorrius. A teen boy who became famous for playbacking. -obviously well done to him, but c’mon really?- He has millions of girls screaming for him. So instead of repainting the room I figured to use a sticker that is about the size of half the wall. You can use artists, but also any picture they want. By the time she hates him again, we can just take it off, and stick up the next one.¬†

Wall murals

On the other hand, if one of the wall really needs new wallpaper, you can just do 1 side very simple and white (or black if they are going trough that stage), and have an amazing wall mural on the other side. You can pick ready made designs, but then again if you have teens, then they probably want to use the graffiti their friend made, or a guitar, or the logo plastered over their walls.

The good thing again that you can just take it off, or add another wallpaper by the time they are bored again. You don’t have to live with it forever, and it gives the kids a sense of responsability in a way that they can’t really blame you for lousy wallpaper. They get to choose, pick, and even design the whole thing themselves. It saves you so much headache and wondering what you have done wrong. Both happy!

Good luck!




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