The Snoozzz sleep positioner is something I would recommend to all worried parents!
When your baby just keeps moving around the bed, find themselves under the blankets, or belly down.. it keeps them from getting the rest they need. It also keeps you up all night worried beside their bed.
My little Miya is one of those babies. Where her elder sister could sleep anywhere at anytime, and you had to keep checking if she was even breathing, Miya is completely the opposite. She can only sleep in a bed, tightly tucked in, and before also completely swaddled in.

She is to old for swaddling now, and its very dangerous since she can move on to her belly now. At first we had the sleep wings (you can find them in another blog), but now its just a sleeping bag and the safe t sleep. The safe t sleep (sleep positioner) is wrapped around the mattress, and from there you can wrap it around your baby. They can still move on their sides, just not face down. They also have the sense of security like they did with swaddling, just its safe to use until they are a bit older, and a nice way to get them used to sleep without being swaddled in.

Unfortunately not all babies sleep in easy without being completely swaddled.

Our daughter is one of those babies. Ever since day one she had a hard time sleeping, part because of her rejection to breastfeeding, more because of her allergy to milk, and mostly because she is so active, she waves herself awake.
By the time she fell asleep, it was time for her feeding again. And she was just always tired. When we heard about swaddling, i had to try it. From the minute she was swaddled in she slept for 7 hours straight. We have tried without, but it just won’t work.

Until about 5 months it went perfect. But then she started turning. Meaning you can’t swaddle her in anymore. She still couldn’t sleep without, and after a week of sleepless nights for all of us, we needed something to overlaps.
Then I found the sleepy wings online. I got them from the original shop in Australia. It sounded like ¬†brilliant idea! And it was! She sleeps perfect with them, can’t scratch herself, and feels safe and comfortable. You can tell by her smile when I put them on before bed. In combination with a sleeping bag it works great.
Now at nearly 8 months, I would like to get her off the sleepy wings, so I started with the safety blanket and just a big sleeping bag. More about that in another blog!


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