So why should I write something about Pinterest? Or how to optimize your pins on Pinterest? Well, because a lot of mom bloggers read this blog. They want to grow with their blogs and on Pinterest. And don’t we all just love Pinterest???!!!

I thought SEO was just for blogs?

Yes, so did I.. But I learned and read, that if you want to grow your blog, you need to grow on Pinterest. And to grow on Pinterest you need to full proof your page and images!

At the moment Pinterest is one of the biggest tools to grow your blog. It’s awesome for online marketing as it’s also a search engine. Tell me where do you look for the latest recipes, inspiration or how to handle your kids? Who is still going to Google for that? I’m on Pinterest all the way. But since it is a search engine (like Google) you should treat it as such regarding your online marketing material.

How to SEO optimize your pins

So seo stands for “search engine optimization” and that is exactly what you need to do with your pins.

  1. Use the right size! The longer the better. The standard is 736/1750 but try 1800 for better results
  2. The image. Don’t rely on your amazing photography skills. Do some keyword research and optimize it as much as you can. Make sure you don’t name it IMG1796 but for example optimize-pins-pinterest. Use the keywords in your image. Use your alt tekst for a longtail keyword (more then 3 words, you know how you search for example in Google where you are to lazy to type in full sentences? That is what you need to put here). Then in the description use as many keywords as you can and try to make it sound like a normal sentence. On the picture you also need to use keywords and in bold!
  3. Pin them over and over again. Most pins won’t go viral after you have pinned it once. Make sure you encourage people to repin from your blog. Tailwind is awesome to schedule your pins, but also to use the tribes. Here you can pin from 1 member, add your pin to the board, and it will get easily added to plenty of other boards. Then don’t just add it to one board, add it to multiple groupboards and other boards where it could fit. Reschedule them again a few days later for again some different boards.
  4. Your logo/url should be on every pin for recognition
  5. Have a call to action

What more can you do to improve on Pinterest?

  • Like I said earlier, I use Tailwind to schedule my pins. This way I can schedule way ahead, and as much as I want. And you have to pin at least 8 times per day to make it all work.
  • Another trick is to really make your homepage stand out. Make sure your keywords are for what you want to be know for are all in your description.
  • Use a nice profile picture, not just your logo.
  • Pinterest is still social media, which means you have to be social. Schedule pins from tribes, groupboards and other sites to make you (appear) social.
  • Organize your profile, make sure it looks nice and neat. Put the boards up that you want to be found for.
  • Design Pinterest cover boards to make your boards more apealing and easier to recognize. Canva is awesome!

I hope you liked my post on how to seo optimize your pins! Are you following me on Pinterest yet? You would make me really happy if you pinned the pic!

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