Scandinavia is one of this earths gems. From rolling hills quilted to the earth in colors and patterns, to diamond carved fjords, and isolated mountain communities; it provides a smorgasbord of experiences for the wilder heart in you.

Often referred to as “The Nordics”, Scandinavian nations are just that: Nordic, and therefore weather ought be considered. With this in mind, below you will find ten different places you must visit, even if augmenting your wanderlust to Father Time, or Mother Hood, is part of your travel consideration.

Tivoli Gardens, in Copenhagen, Denmark

The worlds oldest theme park, and quite the gardens to boot. You can either stroll through, share a meal, enjoy some rides or go completely nuts. It’s up to you. The park hosts a concert series and often has a resident theatre putting on weekly shows.

The place takes up a large city block and like most things in Scandinavia, things are smaller, so it’s not Disneyland. Smaller stuff, larger people, and to keep things interesting and adorably ironic, the next place to spend your summer on throws all those size relations out:

Legoland, in Billund, Denmark

The home of practical imagination, and visceral Minecraft. From the beginning of most childhoods making stuff, anything, and then making it your own has been the norm. Legoland is a whole theme park of lego construction and wonderment. It’s a must go for anyone with kids and a love for lego’s entire product line of fun, from Lego Films to Lego itself.

Lofoten, Norway

An archipelago in keeping with the greatest mother earth has ever grown. This can be rough terrain, and two experiences are available to the average traveler. Immersed in camping and hiking.

A camera must be with you and anchors for these experiences are paramount. In car, staying in the small towns, making day trips to coastal sites and visiting beach areas. It’s isolated nature is both the draw and deterrent for most, but a rare experience with nature awaits those who make the trip.

Aarhus, Denmark

This large-for-Denmark city has quietly become an arts hub over the past decade, and boasts quite the scene for a relatively isolated location. Not simply equipped with a viking museum and botanical garden, Aarhus has a stunning collection of government buildings, and of course Aros.

The latter being an experience of a museum worth the visit on it’s own. Coupled with a stroll through an appropriately bustling downtown for a cup of your favorite 3rd wave coffee at La Cabra Coffee Roasters; Aarhus is bound to be somewhere you reminisce over with a satiated sigh, and between coffee table conversations.

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital is everything you could want for a trip. From metropolitan shopping and Swedens own additions to the world of fashion and apparel, to nature, waterfront dining and world class accommodations. It’s fellow capitals, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Reykjavik have lot’s to offer but Stockholm is the finest cocktail of them all, and offers quite a few cruise options.


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