Sooooo we all know the drama of a saggy belly right after pregnany. Some mothers get in shape about 30 minutes after giving birth, others take a few weeks and some take months (years).

I am part of the last category. With my stomach muscles still wide open, and my uterus that needs her own bag for walking alongside me, I am up for a hefty challenge. Losing the weight without any sports.

I am ok doing some light cycling and walking, but no sit ups. Just as I was ready to sign up for a crossfit center here in town, to be able to look a little less pregnant when summer comes. But no such luck.
The reality of my big fat belly came when I went shopping last week. As you  can see on the photos it doesn’t look so bad from the front, but from the side I look 4 to 6 months pregnant, and sitting down like a man in his 50s with a beerbelly.

Not cute. Especially since I always had a nice waistline.

Back to shopping.. jeans didn’t fit, shirts came in a really big size and still looked bad, dresses looked awful and I ran out the shop crying. I would have loved to give you tips on how to get rid of the belly. But honey if only I had the answer!

I do have a few tips that might help though.

Squads help to keep your uterus in place. Swimming tightens the muscle beyond believe. The great thing about swimming is that you can’t really overdo it or hurt yourself. Getting rid of fizzy drinks and to much sugar is defenitely a bonus. When you do work out, go for the rowing machine, and whatever they have for the back muscles. The back and the butt are the largest muscles. When you get those really tight, your belly will soon follow.

Anyway, today I started to exchange 2 meals for 2 shakes using a combination of protein shakes mixed with green smoothies, and have given up on rice, pasta, bread and potatoes.
Will keep you up to date!


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