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Feel like running?? NOT ME!!! However..

I absolutely despise running, or whatever sports to be really honest. I like watching it sometimes 🙂 Swimming is the only sport I enjoy, and with that I mean in the sea, when its sunny and warm.

Snoozzz safe t sleep review

Snoozzz safe t sleep review

The Snoozzz sleep positioner is something I would recommend to all worried parents!

Getting rid of my postpregnancy belly

Getting rid of my postpregnancy belly

Sooooo we all know the drama of a saggy belly right after pregnany. Some mothers get in shape about 30 minutes after giving birth, others take a few weeks and some take months (years).

Amsterdam fashion week

Amsterdam Fashion Week day 1

Amsterdam Fashion Week has started!

column-moving to curacao

My great big adventure!

  Alrighty peeps!! A few more months and I am off to my BIG Curacao adventure!! Am I nervous yet? Oooow yes… Everyday so many mixed feelings I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.