Have you heard of magnesium oil? It is an absolutely brilliant product that I have failed to use in my health and beauty routine. Why you should try magnesium oil you will read here.

Magnesium oil

First things first… if you have any allergies, or are not sure if you can use magnesium, please consult your doctor first.

It’s also important to know, that when you take magnesium supplements you can get very lose bowels. Not super comfortable. Unfortunately there is not as much magnesium in our food either anymore. That is why the magnesium oil is such a good thing. Besides that, the skin is one huge organ, so taking care of your skin is very important. Did you know that whatever you put on your skin enters your bloodstream faster then when it has to go by your stomach first?

10 Reasons why

So why should you use magnesium oil?

  1. If you are super tired the oil can help you feel energized.
  2. Went to the gym to long and now your muscles are sore? The oil can make them relax and feel better. It supplies the lack of magnesium and will help much better against the pain then any aspirine.
  3. A massage with magnesium oil wil help you sleep a lot better and deeper.
  4. Magnesium oil can help with bad skin problems such as acne, rosacea and eczema.
  5. Use it as a deodorant to help excessive sweating and smell
  6. Also a great reason to put on your feet against smelly and sweaty feet, perfect against blisters as well
  7. It can help against anxiety, so when you are super stressed, you should try massaging yourself a bit with it.
  8. Restless legs! And it helps against the cramps you can get at night. Brilliant!
  9. When you have a bad case of pms, try rubbing some oil on your belly, the pain should be less pretty soon
  10. The same goes for major headaches. Rub your neck and shoulders with the oil and also it will soon feel better.

I have tried and tested the magnesium oil from MagnesiumOnline.nl

Have you ever tried magnesium oil?

how to use magnesium oil

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