You love em and you hate even more. I mean who are we to judge about your parenting, or tell you what to do? Especially when most of us are just winging it like any other mom. I guess we perhaps just shout louder which gets us heard and seen.

I’m not just a regular mom

So about myself, I think I am the watever works mom. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I find the term influencer a bit confusing, as I think I am more of a life sharer than an influencer. I share my things and maybe they work for you and maybe they don’t. Admittedly on my Dutch account I guess the term influencer is more appropiate as there I do quite a few ads. On this one not so many, and that is with the reason why I started blogging in the first place. To share my thoughts. But hey, the money is good, I get to work the hours I want and the bonuses are amazing. Think free theme parks with the kids, trying out toys, free workshops, new friends (I am not so social, so having to be social on events actually got me some new friends)So for that matter, I think I have the best job in the world.

how about those influencer moms
how about those influencer moms


Let’s go trough some other influencer mom’s

Which one do you follow? Which one is giving you spontanious rash?

  • Anxious influencers. They post their thoughts and then always delete because they are scared of offending people.
  • The Mum Who Gets It – She has been there and so is able to empathise with everything her new mum friends go through. Always telling them that it’s all going to be alright.
  • The “You’re fine!” mom who just flicks a glance at a suddenly crying-on-the-ground kid and goes back to sipping wine on the front porch.
  • The No Bells and Whistles Mum, who knows you don’t need a $400 high chair or a Louis Vutton baby bag, knows Target clothes are just fine for kids who are going to outgrow them next year.
  • Laid back mum! The Mum that teaches her kids to be independent and let’s them learn life lessons mostly on their own, while she watches on in case they need help.
  • Activity mums- the ones that have all the craft materials and are always working on mini projects with their kiddies.
  • The pyramid scheme mum, invites you over for a playdate but is actually set up to tell you about how “those” shakes or cleaning products changed her life. Or how about the Oil moms who can cure anything and everything with their essential oils?
  • Healthy mums- the my kids dont eat chicken nuggets mums and everything is organic and locally sourced
  • Designer mums- babies wear $50 diapers because of the brand
  • The Zen mum, who blogged her home birth journey and encapsulated her placenta. She feeds her kids kale, takes them to animal rights protests and doesnt believe in TV.
  • The older experienced mum with teenagers and early 20s. The mum who knows the toddler mums think they have it hard….
  • Terrified mom – the one who is sure she’s ruining her children’s lives and they’re going to be paying for therapy because of her for the rest of their lives.
  • The Wine fuelled mom… Those who smile sweetly through numerous levels of tantrums, homeschooling and epic sibling battle…while chugging wine from a mug so it looks like coffee.
  • The sugar free natural mum who takes her home baked, all natural, no additive, flavour free, sugar free food to kids birthday parties.
  • The correcting Mom, who shows examples of “good parenting” and corrects it with “actually” and says if you aren’t using their new method they wrote a book about you are ruining your children. It’s good to give hugs, right? WRONG!
  • The Competitive Mum. If your kid just started walking, hers ran its first marathon. If yours cut a tooth and you’ve been up all night, hers cut two without a peep. If yours finally slept through, hers did it at six weeks. You know the type.
  • The anti-influencer influence… she’s not like other moms. She’s “real.” She admits she’s not perfect while literally being perfect
  • Dance mum. Just found a whole new TikTok followings and is kicking all teenagers to the curb
  • Expert mum. She knows better. She really does.
  • Fit mum. Looks amazing, and does her best trying to confince you that you can look that way.
  • Homeschool mom. Which I guess we all are at the moment, except she didn’t need a covid19 to do so.
  • Minimalist mum. Her house and kids are always impecable
  • Useful mum (knows how to do everything!)
  • Volvo mum (no explanation necessary)

When you go trough the list I guess influencer mom’s are just like real mom’s!

its all about the influencer moms
its all about the influencer moms
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