As we enter middle age, losing weight and keeping it off can become more difficult. This is due to many reasons, such as a slower metabolism, hormonal imbalances and other factors. So I tried keto for hormones.

Did you know that by following a keto diet, you could actually address any hormonal issues you have that are causing you to be unable to shed the extra pounds? 

What happens when you eat Keto

When we eat ketogenic foods (e.g.lean meats, seafood, low fat cheese, low-carb vegetables and plain yoghurt), our bodies are not taxed as much as they are when we consume non-ketogenic foods. The result is that our cortisol metabolism becomes better regulated and research has shown that an elevated cortisol level can lead to weight gain, especially around the abdominal area. With a well-regulated cortisol level, your body is in a better position to lose weight and keep it off for good. 

Since ketogenic foods are naturally low in refined sugars (which are responsible for higher cortisol levels, you have a lower level of glucose in your blood. This helps to decrease the level of insulin in the body and assists in the regulation of hormones. Which in return will make you calmer. 

A diet that is high in ketogenic foods can help you to lose weight faster as it speeds up your metabolism and helps to control your hunger by regulating your insulin levels. 

In terms of estrogen levels, the higher your estrogen level in your bloodstream, the more likely it is that you will experience unpleasant side effects like weight gain, fatigue, excess hair and a sluggish metabolism. The good news is that a keto diet can help to remove excess estrogen in the liver and can also supply your digestive system with the necessary environment in which to remove too much estrogen. 

My experience during the perimenopause

Trust me I have tried everything. I have PCOS and my hormones were freaking out since I got older. The hotflushes and food cravings, the moodswings and funky hairs were all over the place. On doctors advice I started cutting down on the carbs. The first few days were horrible, but then I realized that I actually felt better. More balanced. On a busy day I loaded up on carbs and the next day I felt horrible. I tried that a few times as I am stubborn. But it is save to say that the carbs didn’t do me any good.

Keto for hormones

So I am slowly moving to keto. It is not easy, but very beneficial. Just now after a month I am starting to lose weight, so it is a slower process for me then what I read, but I will keep going.

We can highly recommend a keto eating plan for anyone who is struggling with hormonal imbalances and weight gain especially during the perimenopause. 


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