I absolutely despise running, or whatever sports to be really honest. I like watching it sometimes 🙂 Swimming is the only sport I enjoy, and with that I mean in the sea, when its sunny and warm.

However, I am now 38, with a belly no truckdriver can compete with, and how my ass all of a sudden became 4 sizes bigger is still a mystery to me. In my last pregnancy I hardly gained any weight, so that is no excuse. I can blame a bit of post natal depression, a diastase and some trouble with my uterus, however, I am the only one putting all that fast food down my throat.

So with a specialist saying I don’t eat well, a physical therapist telling me that he can only do so much for my pain, and my medical examiner explaining what high blood pressure is. By all means, I am know I am not very fat or huge, but for my structure however, I am about 15kg overweight to be healthy.

I am now in some special therapy so I won’t be in great pain when starting the gym, but in about 2 weeks I am allowed to start.

But then Sportkleding.com has awesome tips, so time to go shopping, and at least dress well for the gym drama!!!

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