Does your beauty routine need a bit of an overhaul? It could be that you have followed the same regime for decades and, if so, it’s time for these easy beauty tips! 

Your beauty regime does not have to be complicated or consist of overly expensive products. Quite the contrary! If you follow some easy beauty tips, you can simplify your life as well as adopting a more effective (and cheaper!) beauty routine.  

Drink water and more water!

Firstly, if you don’t drink enough water, you need to start now! Being well-hydrated can make your skin appear plumper and more moisturized. 

Less is more

Using too much makeup can make it seem as if you are trying too hard. With a simple foundation, a bit of color of your cheeks, a dab of lip gloss and a little mascara, you have everything you need! The same goes for creams and lotions: less is more and all you need is a good quality moisturizer and an eye cream and you are good to go! 

Think about your vitamins

Without sufficient vitamin and mineral intake, your skin and other organs can really suffer. Most people do not get enough of these from the food they eat, which is why it is a great idea to take a daily multi-vitamin. 

Easy Beauty Tips | DIY

Many expensive beauty products can actually be made at home. For example, instead of buying a pricey face scrub, you can easily make one at home! All you need is some coconut oil and some sugar. Combine these 2 ingredients and gently rub over your face and neck and then rinse. This recipe doesn’t take long at all, works incredibly well and is a fraction of the price of the same one you’d buy in the store. 

Finally, try and incorporate more healthy foods into your diet as this can have a wonderfully positive effect on your skin and your waistline


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