Crafting with Kids. Kids are, by nature, great artists and what better way to nurture this trait than to have fun crafting with them?

When it comes to crafting with your kids, the possibilities are endless and what you eventually decide on will all depend on your child’s individual interests and personality.

The good news is that fun craft projects with your kid does not have to cost the earth and all you will need is a few, basic items (most of which you can buy at your local supermarket).

Here are some great crafting project ideas to do with your kids if you are struggling with inspiration. Let’s take a look!

How to start crafting with your kids and enjoy it
How to start crafting with your kids and enjoy it

1) Pipe cleaner beaded snakes.

This is a firm favorite with little boys who love creepy crawlies! All you will need is a few pipe cleaners, some beads and some googly eyes. This activity will help develop your child’s fine motor skills as they thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner. They can then bend the pipe cleaner into a snake shape and glue on some googly eyes.

2) Rainbow cereal art.

This is a great way to teach your child all about the colors of the rainbow. For this project, you’ll need some cereal (such as fruit loops) in various colors, glue and a large piece of paper. Carefully design the curves of your rainbow with the glue and then fix one color of cereal per rainbow curve, and voila! You have a pretty rainbow!

3) Yarn-wrapped craft stick caterpillar.

According to kids, caterpillars come in many colors. You can get really creative by making your own caterpillar with only 2 craft sticks, some yarn in a few colors and some googly eyes. All you need to do is fix the craft sticks together with some glue, wrap in yarn (being careful to layer the yarn per color) and then stick your googly eyes on top. Congratulations, you now have your very own colorful caterpillar!

4) Colorful sensory sand.

Kids love playing with sand and feeling it run through their fingers and they tend to be fascinated with colorful, layered sand in a glass container. Making your own colorful sand is actually so easy: simply gather together some table salt, a piece of paper, colored chalk and a glass jar or bottle. Pour some salt onto the paper and then have your kid run a piece of chalk back and forth over the salt to dye the salt. Then, carefully pour the salt into a glass container and repeat the process until you have beautifully layered, colorful sand!

Inspiration to start crafting with kids
Inspiration to start crafting with kids
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