Simplify your life

How to simplify your life.

Life in the 21st century can be incredibly busy and stressful. This is only made worse by complicated routines, high pressure jobs, taking care of kids and a busy social life. 

how to meditation for busy moms

How to | Meditation for busy moms

Let’s agree to the fact that working moms are more often than not busy with many different obligations all through the day. And this frequently prevents them from finding quality time they can spend alone. Here, we are very well aware of that quality alone time is vital in order to let go anxiety and avoid […]

How to keep yourself busy at home

What to do at home when you are bored!

So there we are. At home, and bored. Because you might be busy with the kids, and cleaning, but what can you do for you?         

How to get more green in your home

Why you need more green in your life!

Most of us live in towns and cities with little access to nature and, as a mom, you may be worried that your kids are spending too much time indoors and not enjoying the outdoors enough.

Way To Personal Excellence

Self Care With A Smile – Way To Personal Excellence

Life is always full of challenges and brainstorming events. But maintaining ourselves and continuing to struggle is what it takes to call a ‘balanced person’. The technique for living a healthy and happy life is not just money but also owning a healthy and less distracted mind with a passion for self-care. 

Diary of a fat girl #1

So here it is. My diary of a skinny person inside a fat one. I have been wanting to write about this on my Dutch personal website, but then it just doesn’t seem to come out so well. But I am giving it a go here.