How to dress daddy!

My man can dress himself very well. But sometimes we just love spoiling him! So we got him a complete new outfit. 

So you’ve got yourself an artist?

Congratulations, your life will never be boring. Let’s unmask some immediate concerns; the inherent challenge to make a showbiz career work, what career specifically (actor or director!?), and how you can help.

So your kid wants to become a director?

The director is a very different animal to acting. Where an actor partakes in 1/3 of the production process, if they are the lead or even title character; a director is part of it from the very beginning.

What is going on with the High Rate of Suicide in Teenagers?

We need to talk about suicide. In our local societies, at the dinner table and with our close friends. Each of us has a perspective, and everyone has an opinion. Whether it’s to put it aside and state ones lack of understanding, or to be deeply traumatized and impacted over an entire phase of your […]

Your kid wants to be an Actor…? What’s the reality.

Lets get the rough stuff right out of the way. This is always going to be a per-contract job, and applying for a new job is your job, they’re just called auditions as opposed to interviews. Learn to love it.

Spice up the kids room with wall murals

So your kid wants a new design all over. The baby wallpaper is boring, and they kind of prefer all black walls at the moment. Since we all know its temporary, you might want to consider wall murals, canvas paintings or even stickers that come off.

Snoozzz safe t sleep review

The Snoozzz sleep positioner is something I would recommend to all worried parents!