health and fitness for women over 40

Fitness And Health For Women Over 40

For women over 40 it is NOT the time to ignore fitness or let your health slide. It’s time to set aside some personal time for physical activity that should be part of your day, every day, to maintain a healthy body weight, feel stronger and more energized.

keto for hormones

How Keto can fix your hormones

As we enter middle age, losing weight and keeping it off can become more difficult. This is due to many reasons, such as a slower metabolism, hormonal imbalances and other factors. So I tried keto for hormones.

How to get more green in your home

Why you need more green in your life!

Most of us live in towns and cities with little access to nature and, as a mom, you may be worried that your kids are spending too much time indoors and not enjoying the outdoors enough.

5 Tips to Stay Calm and Relieve Stress

As you already know, stress is a universal problem and it can lead to various critical situations. In the modern world, everyone is in search to find the best way to stay calm and relieve stress.

Yoga: Key to Inner Peace and Healthy Body

Aside from just discussing benefits of the physical strength, nowadays it has become very important to make people realize about the endless benefits of yoga. The sleepless nights of work stations, stress, headaches, inability to concentrate all are due to lack of inner peace and mind.

Getting rid of my postpregnancy belly

Sooooo we all know the drama of a saggy belly right after pregnany. Some mothers get in shape about 30 minutes after giving birth, others take a few weeks and some take months (years).