As moms, we already have strong bonds with our kids and have loved them dearly since the day they were born. That being said, it is important to nurture this unique bond and work at it so that your child can always feel close to you and know that you love them unconditionally.

This article discovers 5 great ways to bond with your kid that will strengthen your relationship:

1) Do fun activities together.

What does your kid like the most? It could be anything from animals, trains, sports to princesses. Try and arrange special and fun activities with a theme, such as a train building activity or dressing up as princesses. Your kid will have lots of fun and will feel closer to you.

2) Read together.

Kids have wonderful imaginations and love listening to stories. By reading to your child, you are helping them develop their creativity as well as spending quality time with them.

How to create a solid bond with your child
How to create a solid bond with your child

3) Have a weekly or monthly date.

Children thrive on special, alone time with their moms and get really excited when they know they have a regular time just to be with you. Having dates with them by going to see a movie, going to the zoo or having a meal with them lets them know that they are precious to you.

4) Give them plenty of encouragement.

Kids who flourish in every area of their lives are usually those who receive plenty of encouragement from their parents. Be sure to give your kid plenty of praise and encouragement so that they know you love them and are proud of them.

5) Hug them!

There are certain things that transcend words and touch is one of them. Don’t be afraid of hugging your child too much as being touched in a positive way makes them feel safe, secure and loved.

tips for a unique bond with your child
tips for a unique bond with your child
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