Cycling is one of the most enjoyable sports and hobbies and, if you are looking for a fun way to keep fit, you should definitely consider mountain biking! 

Why you should start biking now

When you see someone on their bike, it usually looks attractive but it seems a lot harder then it is. Did you know it is a lot easier on the joints then running? Especially after for example after you just had a baby, or when you are a little overweight, biking is the perfect work out.

It works out your whole body and you can lose a lot of calories. Running is more popular, and I can totally see when you see all these young guys jumping with their bikes and stuff, that it doesn’t seem so attractive. But you don’t need to take the most difficult path. Taking the easy road is just as good for your body. Then you go on the harder roads, or more uphill and downhill. Or not. It´s totally up to you. Just start with making miles.

How to start biking

The majority of people start mountain biking in their local park to get a feel for their biking skills. After this, they usually progress to trails in local forests, hills or woodland to build up their skills. This will give you excellent exposure to the different types of terrain for mountain biking. 

As long as you have some basic gear and, of course, a mountain bike, you can begin right away. Many mountain bike beginners choose to join a local mountain biking club or start biking with a friend at the same level of mountain biking expertise.

Start with your basic equipment

However you decide to start this incredibly satisfying pastime, you will first need some basic equipment. Apart from your mountain bike you will definitely need a well-fitting helmet to protect your head and some mountain bike clothing. Most cycling stores sell this and you will notice that mountain bike clothing is lightweight, breathable and very comfortable, making it perfect as you get a great workout. 

Of course, you should consider investing in a pair of mountain biking glasses (to protect your eyes from debris) and some knee protection in case you have a fall. Falls during mountain biking are actually quite common and knee protection is a must if you want to avoid frequent injuries, cuts and scratches. Every enthusiastic mountain biker also ensures that they have a bike pump for flat tires and a light so that they remain visible in poor light. A lightweight cycling backpack is also a great idea if you plan on mountain biking for long periods of time. 

Once you have started mountain biking, you will understand why some people say that it is addictive! 

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