Amsterdam Fashion Week has started!

The amazing vibe and anticipation for what was yet to come was high. Lots of international press from magazines, TV and internet worldwide were present. In the camera booth, or just watching the shows of today that kicked off the catwalk week. Dutc h celebs ofcourse were also there like Liza Sips, Ann Markus, Stacey Rookhuizen en Bastiaan van Schaick.
The First show was from SiS by Spijkers&Spijkers.
The 1920’s were a great inspiration for sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers. With lots of dots, stripes and zig zags they thought of summer and the olympics. The show reminded me of the older French movies, feeling like on the Cannes boulevard. With the flowing dresses, the beautiful jumpsuits, the old fashioned bathing suits even complimented with flower detailed swimming caps.
A very femine show, sexy but not trashy, and classic without giving it a been there done that feel to it.

Amsterdam Fashion Week

The second show of the night was by Tony Cohen. A personal favorite of mine, especially seeing how hard he has actually worked on this show, and promoting his shop online and in real life of the 9straatjes. A very hip area for the locals in Amsterdam to go shopping.
With Music by My Little Underground, amazing shoes by Paul Warner and jewellery by BUHJAH.
The show started off with Kim Feenstra, once a Holland’s Next Top Model winner and now one of the famous models in the Netherlands. All the models had their hair sleek and straight, with just a little bit tied back out of their face. Very natural make up.
The clothes again were very feminine, if this is the trend for this year then I am absolutely 100% all for it! With colors from dusty pink, nude, petrol, ocean blue, turquiose, fuchsia and even silver, I am pretty sure anyone can wear it. Figure hugging but also very wide and flowy dresses. Short to long.
Some tops had hand beaded mesh or hand swirled pleated making it all extra special.

In between the shows I was busy with my Nokia N8, taking photos and tweeting about the event. It is bright pink just like my shoes, nailpolish and even the wristband and lockers! Totally my color

It was a long but exciting night, looking forward to the rest of the week!

My great big adventure!

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