health and fitness for women over 40

Fitness And Health For Women Over 40

For women over 40 it is NOT the time to ignore fitness or let your health slide. It’s time to set aside some personal time for physical activity that should be part of your day, every day, to maintain a healthy body weight, feel stronger and more energized.

Time for a wardrobe makeover

Ready to wear: time for a wardrobe make over!

If your wardrobe is bursting at its seams but yet you still struggle to find something suitable to wear everyday, you may want to consider a spring clean and only keeping items that are ready to wear and comfortable to you.

Simplify your life

How to simplify your life.

Life in the 21st century can be incredibly busy and stressful. This is only made worse by complicated routines, high pressure jobs, taking care of kids and a busy social life. 

Get on your bike

How and why to start biking!

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable sports and hobbies and, if you are looking for a fun way to keep fit, you should definitely consider mountain biking! 

How to get smart with gaming

How gaming can benefit your kid and bring them closer to you!

Gaming with kids. Many parents think that video games are harmful for kids but the issue is more complex than most people believe. Gaming is definitely a bad thing when done in excess but we believe that with the correct parental supervision, it can actually benefit your kid and bring them closer to you!

Easy Beauty Tips

Easy beauty tips: time for a change!

Does your beauty routine need a bit of an overhaul? It could be that you have followed the same regime for decades and, if so, it’s time for these easy beauty tips! 

keto for hormones

How Keto can fix your hormones

As we enter middle age, losing weight and keeping it off can become more difficult. This is due to many reasons, such as a slower metabolism, hormonal imbalances and other factors. So I tried keto for hormones.

How to be creative with kids

Here are some great crafting project ideas to do with your kids if you are struggling with inspiration

Crafting with Kids. Kids are, by nature, great artists and what better way to nurture this trait than to have fun crafting with them?

who are these influencer moms

How about those influencer moms?

You love em and you hate even more. I mean who are we to judge about your parenting, or tell you what to do? Especially when most of us are just winging it like any other mom. I guess we perhaps just shout louder which gets us heard and seen.

how to get back to work after being a stay at home mom

Getting back to work after being home for a while.

Being a mom is one of the busiest and most rewarding jobs in the world, but what do you do when your kids are slightly older and you want to re-enter the workforce?